Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dog

It's always a sign that a blog is going downhill when the writer starts posting photos of their pets, but there you go.

For years my daughter pestered me to get a dog but I always refused - our flat is too small, it's too much trouble etc. - but a couple of years ago I finally relented. I have to say that now there are few things more pleasant than taking the dog for a walk up Mount Parker on a Sunday morning. When I don't have time to go up the hill I now take the dog to the new dog adventure playground kindly provided by Swire outside their new office block development in Tai Koo Shing, complete with open strips of grass and swimming facilities.

Of course, dogs are not actually allowed there as the facilities are just for looking at but we usually get about 20 minutes of entertainment for both the dog and passers-by before we get kicked out, and with a cheery 'See you tomorrow!' to the security guard, we're off home.

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