Saturday, March 21, 2009


A year or two ago I had to knock up a quick TV commercial as part of a media course I was doing and the TVC below for a book retailer was the result.

Walked into Dymocks the other day and this was playing on their in-store TV, pretty much the identical concept.

Either a case of great minds think alike or small ones never differ I guess.


ulaca said...

Yours wins - it's got Sinatra.

Interesting how no one uses obviously Hong Kong Chinese people to sell books.

David Biddlecombe said...

I don't think there's any special reason for not using HK Chinese people TBH. I think Dymocks is an Australian company and the ad was probably shot in Oz so I guess there's no particular reason for them to use a HK person.

For mine, mostly its me standing thee reading because it was a student project that was never going to be actually broadcast so that was the easiest way to do it quickly.