Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unofficial Spaces

This set of photos was not part of an assignment but was taken the same week as the shopping photos. I took my camera on my hike up the mountain up the road from our house and luckily the old people had constructed their unofficial swimming pool in the stormwater drainage channel. They make it by putting boards covered with sheeting against the fence across the channel.

I had seen them before but had never had my camera with me. When I first got there there were several old ladies swimming and they were understandably reticent about a strange gweilo photographing them in their swimming costumes. Luckily a local guy turned up later and I got in the 'pool' and and everyone relaxed and were fine with me taking some shots. They told me that they usually swam early in the morning because otherwise the government busybodies would come and stop them swimming.

I really like these small acts of creativity and disobedience that you find everywhere.

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